Rotational pipeline cleaning Rotational pipeline cleaning

In this mode we use technology of rotational shaft –tool led by drill set- to clean a pipeline. This method is fit for especially hard encrustations. In this way, we are able to clean iron or steel pipeline of DN 65-150 mm dimension.

Hydraulic pipeline cleaning Hydraulic pipeline cleaning

In this mode of pipeline cleaning, we use technology of freely dropped tools with signalization while we utilize hydraulics of given pipeline. In this way, we are able to clean pipelines made from all materials and of DN 80-1200 mm dimension. We also execute pipeline clearness control i.e. first water main cleaning before its permanent breaking in.

Drilled and sank well regeneration Drilled and sank well regeneration

We provide mechanical as well as chemical regeneration of wells made from all materials and up to DN 100 mm dimension. For mechanical regeneration, we use technology of filter cleansing by high-pressure water and air, including elimination of encrustation from cash pipe walls. Chemical regeneration is provided in the same time. We prefer system based on citric acid. This method is safest in light of acidity degradation.

Pulling-in polyethylene pipeline Pulling-in polyethylene pipeline

Polyethylene pipeline thanks to its material inactivity and wall smoothness, significantly bring low scum sedimentation and encrustations formation. Pulling-in polyethylene pipeline is executed into the current water main.

Change of well development Change of well development

We are able to provide well head piece modification, intake pipe and operational ironings changing and their connection to current water supply.

TV inspection TV inspection

In order to find out actual state of well development, we provide TV camera inspection before regeneration begins and after it ends. We are able to provide camera inspection up to 200 m depth and DN dimension at least 100 mm. Due to customer wish, we make VHS or CD record of inspection.

Water analysis Water analysis

We are able to ensure complete chemical and biological analysis of given water specimen.

Close-ended well capacity verification Close-ended well capacity verification

Due to costumer wish, we ensure short-termed or long-termed well test. Test is possible to execute separately or as a part of mechanical or combined regeneration

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